247 Escorts on Keeping it Up

When you work for https://charlotteaction.org/247-escorts 24/7 escorts in London, you really need to preserve your energy levels. You really don’t do that by stuffing and eating a lot of chocolates at all. When I first joined the escort service, I thought that a chocolate every couple of hours would keep me going, but it turned out not to be the case. As a matter of fact, chocolate and sugar made me really tired and I did not really have any energy over for my dates.

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A couple of the other girls at 24/7 escorts told me how important it is that you eat properly when you work. Now I make sure that I have a breakfast although I may get up about midday. It seemed kind of weird first of all, but having a really good breakfast helps a lot. I must admit that I only used to have some toast, but now I actually have a good breakfast. It really helps to stop sugar cravings throughout the day, and fills you up nicely.

Since I have started to eat properly before I go into my shift at 24/7 escorts, I have noticed that I have lost weight. Before I changed my diet, I sort of seemed to survive on sugary snacks, cereals and junk food. Now my eating routine has helped me a lot and I feel so much better. Not only do I have more energy to do my job, but I also have a lot more energy for other things in my lie. All over, I do feel a lot better. Eating right is a great way to keep it up..

Of course, the biggest challenge with 24/7 escorts is that you may work at night. Most of the girls at the escort agency found that really hard work. I know that it can be. It is not only the dark that gets to you, but you kind of feel out of synch as well. When I start to feel like that, I think about what foods can top up my energy levels. One of my favorite foods is banana cake. If you like, you can treat it like a bread, and I also like to add other things to it like dates. That gives you even more energy.

Most girls who are new to 24/7 escorts say that they find it hard. I know that it is hard to get yourself and your body organized. It is very much like working for an airline or something like that. My brother works at Heathrow airport, and he has similar sort of problems to me. I have told him to eat better and make sure that he stays away from sugar. Cutting down on sugar really helps and it makes you feel a lot healthier at the same time. Once you are eating better, you will soon appreciate that you have a lot more energy. When that kicks in, you will want to make more out of your life.

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