Paddington escorts delight me!

Are you visiting Paddington London? If, you are visiting Paddington London, there is no need to be alone. Paddington in London is getting to be more trendy by the day. It never used to be the a very expensive part of London, but now property in this part of town are selling for virtually the same prices as in central London. It is a real upcoming part of London, and a rather exciting place to visit. Personally, I don’t visit Paddington because of the night clubs and bars. I visit Paddington to enjoy the company of my favorite Paddington escorts.

I discovered Paddington escorts a few years ago by accident. It is a bit of a long story but I was coming out from a meeting in Paddington when I found a card. It was from one of the escorts who works for the agency, and one of the gents at the meeting must have dropped the card. I had dated escorts before and I rather enjoyed the experience. Over the past few years I had a permanent girlfriend but we had split up after she got to be a bit too clingy for my liking. I wasn’t ready to settle down to get married.

The girl on the card sounded really hot so I gave her a call. It was one of the best things I have ever done, as I ended up on a really hot date. Ever since then I have been into dating Paddington escorts. The girl that I first dated at the agency has moved on now, but the agency does have a lot of other hot girls on their books. There are plenty of brunettes, and some sexy blondes as well. I sort of have a bit of a blonde fetish so I date the blondes at the agency.

I have a couple of favorite escorts at the agency, but please don’t ask me to tell you who my favorite Paddington escorts are. The simple truth is that I would not be able to, all of the girls that I have dated are just as hot and I love every minute that I spend with them. I appreciate that there are lots of different escorts agencies around London, and I have to say that most of them are really good. But I still that that Paddington escorts stand out, and I would recommend the girls at the agency to any gent.

Getting to Paddington escorts is not a big deal for me at all. I just jump on the Tube and I am there. The agency has a really good web site so it is easy to set up a date. Most of the time I just call the front desk, and tell that I would like to have a date with a particular escort. They sat the date up and everything is sorted out really easily. All of the girls at the agency are super hot and friendly. Some girls in London are just in it for the money, Paddington girls give you a totally different feeling.

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