What makes it the hottest amongst the rest?

A lot of Paddington escorts run lingerie shops as well as running other businesses such as sex shops. They say that there is fashion trade when it comes to lingerie as well. Some fashions are more popular than others, and you may even find that lingerie fashion will vary with the seasons.A couple of the Paddington escorts in https://charlotteaction.org/paddington-escorts that help us at here at Better Sex said that there is quite a distinct difference between summer and winter trends when it comes to lingerie fashions, and most Paddington escorts like to follow lingerie trends just like other women.Quite a few Paddington escorts are very aware of what is popular in the world of lingerie fashion as they also model lingerie. It may surprise you, but some of the models we see in magazines and on catwalks are Paddington escorts. Many of these girls are given the lingerie they model by the manufacturer. It is an excellent way of promoting the brand, and of course the Paddington escorts will wear it a lot.

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The Four Season in Lingerie Fashion

So, what is popular during the four seasons and how does lingerie fashion change throughout the year.


Summer is a great time to wear lighter lingerie. During this time of the year sales of things go up at an alarming rate, and even Marks and Spencer report that they sell more thongs during summer. Thongs have been part of mainstream lingerie for quite some time now, and most ladies now prefer to wear them in the summer time instead of knickers.Millions of things are sold just in the UK every year, and the US based companies such as Freddie’s of Hollywood, also report that thing sales increase during summer. A lot of Paddington escorts like to wear thongs all year around as they can make your bum look really sexy


During autumn we seem to want to get a little bit more romantic, and we pull on our lacy knickers and get back into buying bras.There are many different bra styles to choose from but a couple of Paddington escorts that I spoke to said that push up bras, or balcony bras, are still the most popular style of bras.Some of the main lingerie chains now say that they mainly sell push bras as ladies want to look their best for their husbands and partners. As a matter of fact, push bras outsell all other bras available in the market today.


This is the time of the year when the stockings start coming out, and if you want to be glamorous in your stockings, you might want to add a Basques. Most Paddington escorts that I know claim that their husband’s loves Basques, and they normally buy a couple new Basques every winter.Teddies are also very popular during this time of the year as they perhaps offer that little bit of extra warmth and comfort. They can also look great together with a pair of stockings.


Now we are back in a bit of a lighter mode again, and a lot of ladies and Paddington escorts invest in frilly knickers again. French knickers have been very popular recently, and whilst they are a bit bigger, Paddington escorts still say that many men find them sexy. They have a bit of charm about them, and of course there is extra “hand room”.Just like any other clothing, lingerie fashion will come and go. Most Paddington escorts like to keep up with fashion and like to keep their wardrobes well stocked.

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